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Hear what others have to say about ALK and the Alkademy.

If you don't like to read, I have received a spoken testimonial from a project with one of my clients. You can check out his words about the case and read about the results we made on the following link.

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Flook Nielsen


Holocene Studios

When I ran a creative productional agency, we hired ALK as a freelance designer/creative. His deliverance, work-ethics, and thought patterns are beyond anything we've ever worked with before. ALK and I are both self-taught, which means we've influenced each other a lot on our journey. If you should learn from anyone—this is your best choice.

Kris Hari


Higher Levels

This guy is like beyond anybody else that we've ever worked with. We worked with a lot of graphic designers and nobody comes close to the level that Asger was providing. It's just out of this world. Also for anybody looking to learn from this guy—I don't think there's anybody else that you should rather be looking for to learn from.

Oscar Jardorf

Couture designer


I finally get it! Marketers lie, but numbers don't—and my numbers tell me that you've over-delivered. I'm so glad that we hired you because now I understand everything. The volume of sense I've obtained from working with you is gigantic. Thanks again!

Jonas Hedegaard

E-commerce Expert

simple e-com

As an e-commerce expert and someone who loves to sell products online without any design background, this has been the art school experience that I've always wanted. Thank you so much for allowing me to learn that a better design can improve sales 🎉

Oscar Jerichau



Wow, you've done a tremendous job! It's for sure one of the coolest visual identities I've ever seen! Everyone I've shown the outcome to has been praising it to the heavens. Not only the visual identity but also the website. I feel honored to work with you. Hands down—you're great.

Thomas Arvid

Creative Genius


Working in collaboration with ALK on projects might be the most inspiring process I've ever touched. Not only am I in the creative industry and have worked with big brands, but I've also got a flair for the business of design just by working with ALK. That's now one of my most complimented skillsets.

Uche Obi

Health Coach

Trainer Obi

After my 45-minute coaching session, it was clear that this wasn't a regular buying—it was an investment in myself and my business. This opened my eyes to new opportunities, even though I'm a personal health coach! So if you're looking to build, grow & scale your business... this is it!

Besmir Kamberi

Digital Marketer


I've always known that it was possible to level up in life. Still, Asger's way of simplifying and visualizing complex frameworks helped me gain confidence, substance, and a better lifestyle. The mentoring session took my life to a higher level. And I'm still using the worksheets you created for me! 🚀

Valdemar Lauf



I've been through multiple mentorships, business coaches, design mentors, etc. But having ALK as a mentor is by far the best investment I've made. Asger's offering is the most actionable support in design and development I've ever taken—well explained and well structured.

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