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Hey, I'm ALK

My name is Asger Lucas Krause Søbirk, I want to teach you everything I know about developing a freelance web design & development business. It's not going to be easy. Which is also why I'm here. I will be your mentor on your freelance journey by; following, guiding and mastering every step you are taking.

Overcoming every possible obstacle of operating a creative business can be is super difficult. You can Google your way to typography guides, color scheme generators, financial templates, and other different tools that can help you. But you'll get inputs from all sorts of different personalities, industries, niches, etc. Throughout my personal design career, I've learned one thing that can prevent all of this from happening to you.

And I'm super stoked and eager to share everything with you. Defining every step at the way and beautifying your own personal story be leveling up your mindset, design skills, branding skills, marketing skills, and last but lot least, your sales skills.

Asger Krause
Instructor & Mentor ALK / Asger Krause
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Meet ALK
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Meet your mentor

I'm born, raised, and based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

I've made a corporate website for the international brand JOE & THE JUICE, as well as developed a website for the Danish brand called OLIOLI POKÉ. Then I've strategically defined, designed, and developed a law-firm called Legal Inside. I've been mentoring a team for the digital entrepreneurs at Higher Levels and scaled their sale with 400% in two months.

I've been there!

My path to present hasn't been easy. Designing my way to possibilities.

The story of mine started in 2008. I was a confused kid at the age of 13 with endless amount of ambition and curiosity.

I desired to beautify everything I saw.
I desired to accomplish something big.
I desired to help people reach their goals.

01 Opening

I had no design nor business experience. What I needed was guidance. I simply needed someone to tell me which direction I needed to head, to reach my desires. But I was completely on my own. I started to play around with Photoshop CS3.

Adobe Photoshop CS3

02 Experiment

I developed my skills to see where it would take me. Started to visualize different concepts. It took me years to get experience because I didn't know where to look. Once I built a concept for Apple, which they implemented years after.

03 Implicit Niche

After years of testing and experimenting, I wanted to start designing for individuals. I figured that people in my circle was always asking me about my process, and how I learned everything. I call it my implicit niche because I didn't recognize the pattern.


04 Freelance (failure)

Suddenly, someone reached out to me. Then I realized that I've been holding on to a goldmine for way too long. I should've been the one who were reaching out. But I got the case, and I priced myself way too low for this project.

05 In-house

After I started to freelance, and failed horribly, I got a fantastic opportunity to be a designer for the food and beverage company JOE & THE JUICE. I got into an interesting network of motivated individuals and a company with an amazing culture.


06 Breakdown

As mentioned: JOE & THE JUICE gave me the opportunity to design wall menus for +300 stores worldwide and design a corporate website. But I got to a point where I had bigger ambitions for myself. So I resigned as a design associate to try freelancing again.

07 Freelance (success)

Freelancing was the next thing that I needed to master. I nudged every aspect of becoming a high ticket freelance business website designer. The outcome of my process is this course. The Alkademy's Rethink Design program will teach you everything.

POY Presentation
POY Presentation

08 Coaching / Mentoring

Instead of building business websites for my beloved clients. I've moved into helping you guys achieve the same results. My only goal from this point in time, is to make you a better designer than I am. Alongside developing strong mindset and a healthy business.

Don't buy this academy.

Invest in it.

All the thoughts, insights, strategies, etc. that you'll learn from this require that you're active inside the community, and invest your time and effort into this. It requires more than just money to master.

Unlock your full potential and reach your desires. If you're still in doubt about whether we're a good fit or not, let's hop on a call to where we'll talk about your future.

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You're not alone.
—I've been in your situation.

From failing multiple times, to teaching others a best-practice guide on how to run a successful freelance business.

I define, design, and develop digital products for my beloved clients. I've been freelancing for quite a while now. I've failed multiple times trying to do it on my own. The moment that I got myself a business mentor, everything turned around.

Today I'm here to share my secrets with your—so you can avoid making the same mistakes as I did.

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