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Web design is fun 🎉

Especially when you see something that you've made and realized that you've just made $25.000

The Alkademy teaches you the intricate skills of becoming a web designer and freelance creative business owner. Including the guidance, you need to be able to design for the future of the web.

Be your own boss
Work 2-3 hours a day
Wake up when you want
Work from anywhere
No more static 9—5
More freedom
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Rethink Design

It's not about building easy websites. It's about how you can rethink design in your own way. You'll get the tools you need to be able to impact the design indsustry in you own way

It's that easy

If you live up to the four points, I believe you can succeed—and level up in life with more freedom and independence. Here's what it takes for you to succeed with the program.

There is no guarantee of success. Then it would have been almost too easy—but you have all the options you need. I can only promise to submit the framework to you. The rest is up to you and your efforts.

My promise to your success if you stronger if you enroll in the Growww plan vs. the Flowww plan. The Flowww plan will only advance your design skills, and will not contain any business related learning. Please let me know if you want me to elaborate.

01 watch

You watch all of my videos in chronological order.

02 engage

You engage in the Growww Club's Facebook Community.

03 participate

You participate actively in my live calls / Q&As.

04 Apply

You complete all worksheets and use all my templates.

Is this course even for me? Symptoms

This program is for anybody who wants to enhance their craft of designing and exhibiting websites. Whether you're just starting or want to level up your skills.

You feel stuck and can't live out your ambitions. You see other companies do great, make beautiful products, and always achieve their goal.

You might've already thought about starting you website design journey, and wondered if it would be possible that you could make it as a Webflow entrepreneur.

You can’t find new clients.

Why doesn't clients contact you? Can clients even find you and your creative business? Your portfolio is done, on your domain, with published content — but potential clients doesn't contact you. You have already dotted your i's and crossed your t's but it didn't seem to work for lead generation.


You’re don't make more money.

Why does you cash-flow seem static? Will you profil remain the same forever? Are you able to convert your creative craft into a profitable business? The growth you thought you would achieve is not a reality — even though you have clients, projects and still maintain your business. What's missing?


Your work(flow) doesn't change.

Your next case is similar to your last project. You might have already tried to go for bigger projects. You see other creative entrepreneurs, doing the same services as you, charge double — and still close. Do you feel anxiety about attempting to try the same?


Bigger clients are out of reach.

Static audience, static conversations, and a lot of maintenance work. Your dream clients are not within your reach, and you don't know how to reach out to them — your dream client might even feel unapproachable. What do you do to break into the next tier of clients?


Your design process can't be mastered.

Scoping and defining your own SOP(Standard Operating Procedure) can be an obstacle in itself. You're in lack of assets and you don't have the time to develop your own business internally — how to you overcome this, and start mastering process?

Rethink Design

This framework contains all the secrets that I've discovered during my path to the present.

Strong Mindset Fundamentals
C1 Strong Mindset Fundamentals
Strategy & Business of Design
C2 Strategy & Business of Design
Master the Aesthetics of Design
C3 Master the Aesthetics of Design
Expert your Interface Skills
C4 Expert your Interface Skills
The Future of Website Build
C5 The Future of Website Build
Finding Your Impact Niche
C6 Finding Your Impact Niche
Brand Consultant Masterclass
C7 Brand Consultant Masterclass
Future of Lead-Generation
C8 Future of Lead-Generation
(CAO) Close & Onboard
C9 (CAO) Close & Onboard