Future of Lead-Generation

Reel in the high-quality leads you want. Finally, get to know how to future marketing works and automatically use your newly acquired skills to attract your dream clients.

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Course Goal:

You've just learned how to make a killer brand. But I also want your impact-niche to be aware of your brand.

But what if you could reach out to them and have a conversation? What if they knew that you were there for them, ready to help whenever they needed it? And what if this was all automated so that when someone is interested in your product or service, the message is already waiting for them?

That's where marketing automation comes in. It allows you to automate everything from sending emails and text messages. You can set up triggers based on certain actions people take online such as visiting specific pages or clicking links within an email campaign. Then once those triggers are met, the system will automatically send out follow-up messages at predetermined intervals until the desired action is taken by the prospect (i.e., purchase). This way of reaching out helps build trust with prospects because they know that you're always available should they need anything else from you! They also feel more comfortable purchasing from a company who cares enough about their customers to make sure every interaction is personalized and relevant!

Your audience now knows your business.