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  • First impressions matters
  • Freedom is everything
  • Curiousity over passion
  • Specialist over generalist
  • Better clients, better business
  • Function over aesthetics
  • No-code over know-code
  • Milestones over deadlines
  • Let the work change you
Call me ALK
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Case Study
Kris Hari
Entrepreneur @ Higher Levels

This guy is like beyond anybody else that we've ever worked with. We worked with a lot of graphic designers and nobody comes close to the level that Asger was providing. It's just out of this world. Also for anybody looking to learn from this guy—I don't think there's anybody else that you should rather be looking for to learn from.

Note from ALK
Hi, I'm Asger. I've build this private mentoring academy for you.
My only mission from this point in time, is to make you a better web designer than I am 🧠
So what's in it for me?
Glad you asked!
I'll recommend that you read about the course. You should also watch the masterclass that I've put together.
  • 🧠 Reason why

    I know how it feels to doubt and fail...
  • 🎉 How it works

    The Alkademy is not just an online c...
  • ✨ What you get

    By enrolling in the course you'll be j...
  • 🎟 Lifetime mentorship

    Learn from someone who has alrea...
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An online academy that bridges the gap between personal growth, web design, and business.

How to work less and earn more by becoming a high-ticket web designer, Webflow developer, and remote digital business mastermind.